Bali Bungalow Product  


Types of wooden houses consist of one room with a size of 4x4 m, 4x6 m or of a certain size in accordance with demand, housing can also be equipped with stairs and railing. For the type of roof you can use several options of materials such as alang alang roof or teracota single.
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Bali Bungalow Product  


Complete a relaxed atmosphere in the park with a gazebo that houses an open timber that can be installed in your garden or open space in your house. Modular Gazebo Bali offers several options to Knock Down kits Gazebo for size 2x2 m, 3x3 m, 2x3 m or according to the order. Choice of materials can also be customized to your liking such as coconut wood, camphor and bengkirai and choices thatched roof, wooden roof teracota or iron.
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Bali Bungalow Product  

Wooden House

Large wooden house (wooden house) as an alternative for those of you who want a house with a unique and exclusive style. Modular Gazebo Bali provides various types of styles like house minimalist house, house barns and houses on stilts. With sizes ranging from 6x6 m, 6x8 m, 8x12 m or design and size as the booking. Wood materials selection coconut, camphor and bengkirai and choices thatched roof, wooden roof teracota or iron.
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Welcome To Gazebo Modular is a company engaged in manufacturing Gazebo, Wooden House, Alang-alang roof, Bale stunned or wooden house in accordance with the booking. We offer high quality products for our gazebo products at competitive prices. For Gazebo Kit product (knock down) we have several sizes that can be easily disassembly and shipped nationally and internationally. Gazebo-owned modular available in various sizes, shapes, styles. Contact us immediately to get the best deals for you.

Modular Gazebo Bali, offering various types and forms of gazebo and wood house with good quality and guaranteed with material selection and quality control tasks in accordance with our goal to provide satisfaction to our products can be used in a long time.

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